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IMOLA TRD Disc Wheelset

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Whether you're clocking up the miles with your local club or competing in an event, the IMOLA TRD Disc wheelset is engineered for performance. It features a reliable carbon rim construction, which allows it to handle all the intensity that comes with long days out on the road. Giving your ride a lighter load, this wheelset starts at 1335g and its aerodynamics give you an advantage as you explore new and unpredictable roads.

They roll on DT Swiss' 240 Ratchet EXP hubs, which are light, stiff, durable, and super-simple to maintain

One major highlight is it comes with tubeless tyre compatibility, so you can add higher volume tyres and benefit from increased traction, comfort and less weight.

Choose the rim profile to suit your riding style, if your climbing or using your wheelset everyday. These wheels are stunningly quick across all gradients with profiles from 30mm and 35mm for ascending any climb or choose from 45mm or 55mm for straight line performance. The 21mm internal rim width provides corner stability and improved traction.

Rim Width: 29mm
Internal Rim Width: 21mm
Rim Type: Tubeless Ready Clincher (TRD: Tubeless Ready Disc)
Rim Heights: 30, 35, 45, 55mm
Spokes: SAPIM CX-Ray, 24/28
Cassette Body: Shimano/SRAM or SRAM XDR RD
Weight: 30mm 1335g, 35mm 1385g, 45mm 1425g, 55mm 1515g approximately. 
Max Spoke Tension: 130kg
Max Tyre Pressure: 125Psi/8.5Bar
Max Rider Weight: 30mm 105kg, 35mm 105kg, 40mm, 45mm 50mm 125kg
Center Lock Hubs
Hub: DT Swiss 240
Thru-Bolt: Front 12x100mm, Rear 12x142mm 

In The Box
- 10-Speed adapter
- Spare Spokes