VALOR is Paragon's program to give back, created for active duty and veterans as well as Police and Emergency Services. First of all we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your service...

The Valor Program offers a 20% discount on all of our products. But Valor is more than just a discount its an opportunity to belong. Belong to a community that is passionate about cycling. We want to see people moving more and getting out and about riding bikes with family and friends and of course new friends. 

At Paragon we have friends and family in the arm forces and know first hand the importance of community, the sense of belonging and what it means to be involved.

Cycling is one of the best activities to you can do to banish a bad day. Everyone knows that exercise helps improve your mental health and overall wellness. As cyclists, we definitely know our bikes make us feel better. rideWELL with Paragon.

It's only a small gesture to say thank you for your service, if you are looking for a new bike or a new set of wheels drop us a line below. Simply let us now which of the arm forces or police and emergency services you are a member and we will send you discount code to apply to your purchase.

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