• Paragon Cycle Works Matrix BT52 Rocker plates
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Everybody should ride carbon

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Paragon Cycle Works is focused on inspiring and empowering people everywhere to move more through our passion for cycling.

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Armed my stead with some Paragon Velocità TRR 50s, light enough to climb, aero benefit on the flat without issues with wind. First test ride this morning, the wheels spin up and hold speed really well, power transfer feels really responsive and the wheels roll smooth.

Ian Haig


New bike build new pair of wheels. All I can say very pleased. Light Responsive and affordable, first time on deep dish aero wheels and im impressed. Very fast. Very pleased, highly recommend.

Gary Nisbet


Always wanted to go full Carbon wheels, but could not bring myself to move away from my beloved Mavic's which I always considered an awesome wheelset. But with advice from the guys in my club I decided to give Paragon wheels a go. I wanted to try a deeper profile than what I was used too and opted for a 50mm wheelset. Every bit as good as my Mavics, light, responsive and fast. 

Shad Mortazavi

Inspired by passion

Matrix BT52 Rocker Plate

The feeling of that first Christmas with the bike under the tree; the day your parents took away the training wheels and you were free; that sense that you could achieve anything, go anywhere with nothing holding you back. #Discover Freedom

Scalata^ TRD

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Rolling resistance is simply the friction between your tyres and the road. Put simply if you want to go faster you need to lower your rolling resistance.

Our wheels are engineered with innovative profile design combined with our Ceramic Speed hubs to offer the fastest wheels possible for the most affordable price. Pound for pound as they say our wheels over the best increase in performance for your hard earn cash.

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