About Paragon

At Paragon we are passionate about riding. We love this machine that remains one of life’s enduring symbols of freedom and independence. The feeling of that first Christmas with the bike under the tree; the day your parents took away the training wheels and you were free; that sense that you could achieve anything, go anywhere with nothing holding you back. 

The exact sense of feeling we want Paragon Cycle Works to have for You. Whether it be on a social ride or race we want all to be active, be healthy, enjoy the ride, and rideWELL. In conjunction with our rideWELL and Valor programs, our Mission is to continually develop our brand with a distinct social conscience designed to not only get people out and be active but also helping and making a difference to people in need when and where we can. Ultimately, we are cyclists and believe in the transformational power of the bicycle, so having the ability to spread that passion to everyone through cycling, it is our pleasure and we are humbled by the opportunity.

You see at Paragon Cycle Works it's not just about the bike... 
Tullio & Mark, Founders