Rocker Plates

Indoor training has moved to the next level with Smart trainers connecting to apps like Zwift, making indoor training a smoother experience. Anyone who has ever sat on their trainer pounding the pedals can testify, comfort was not considered when the turbo trainers were invented. Making indoor training for the average rider a pain in the arse. Rocker plates have changed that, bringing movement to your indoor training session. The rocker plate revolution has transformed rider comfort on a stationary trainer. 

The Matrix BT52 range of rocker plates are designed and made in Australia from Australian plywood, CNC machined in a local joinery factory with locally sourced components and hand-built by us for you. 

Introducing the Matrix BT52 Rocker Plate. Dynamic movement for your indoor training sessions. 

Rocker plate spare parts available.

$35 Flat Rate Delivery Australia wide on the Matrix range of Rocker Plates and Pain Caves.