Wheel Technology

Continual research and Constant innovation

Just as the benefits of mixed depths wheelset combinations, some of our riders requested race day specific setups and so of course we listened. Going deeper on the back provides additional aerodynamic advantages, but the shallower front end improves stability and cornering.

Disc-brakes is the new buz and we at Paragon endorse the revolution, more and more bike brands are moving to this proven system which provides greater and more progressive braking in all weather and road conditions.  Pro road races, criteriums, and even time trials, are being won by disc-brake bikes with increasing frequency. The revolution is happening, but don’t worry we have not forgotten the traditionalists or the slower among us on the uptake, we still have our Paragon-Villeneuve Brake Technology – Basalt breaking surface on our rim brake models, designed to give our riders a more progressive brake feel, added wet weather braking confidence, and reduce carbon brake squeal.

We are not redesigning the wheel… we are just making it better!

Our profiles with its super-wide 29mm rim provides superior aerodynamic performance. The U-profile delivers great handling and reduces drag across multiple wind yaw-angles, and The extra-wide 21mm internal rim bed opens out your tire profile providing exceptional vibration dampening, grip and increased low rolling-resistance.

With the Paragon options of straight pull and J-bend hubs coupled with PSR X-TRA 1420 aero bladed spokes we have gone in search and delivered reduce weight, added strength and can offer a wheel construction that responds instantly to your accelerations. Whilst holding blistering speed on the descends.

The freehub body on our Velocità TRR series provides incredible engagement. Perfect for when the after burners are deployed and you need an instant response. Combined with our Paragon Sealed Ceramic Bearings we can confidently offer a silky smooth low-friction bub to further reduce rolling resistance and increase your speed whilst maintaining excellent sealing on the exposed faces.

The latest expression of our paragon tubeless ready wheelset offerings have been designed with bridging the gap between what we see as the industries tubeless future, and the tried and tested clincher philosophy. With the aim to reduce weight where possible as well as removing the tube for weight saving and reducing rolling resistance, we believe our tubeless ready philosophy will help you embrace a tubeless future whenever you feel comfortable in taking the step.

Maximum tyre pressure for this rim is 100psi when used with 25-28mm tires. Maximum tire pressures for other tire sizes: 30mm do not exceed 70psi, 33mm do not exceed 50psi, 35-45mm do not exceed 40psi, 46mm+ do not exceed 35psi. 100psi is more than adequate for any rider on normal road surfaces. Please ensure you do not exceed the maximum pressure stated by your chosen tyre manufacturer.  


Paragon Rims offer a strong and super-lightweight rim featuring unidirectional T700/800 carbon fibre with 3K weave and re-enforced spoke holes. The wide aero profiles deliver excellent handling and speed in all conditions.

The evolution of disc brake wheels and specific manufacturing processes has now allowed for considerable weight savings compared to traditional rim brake options, removing the stigma of weight as a hindrance to the evolution of the disc-brake wheel.

Rim braking surface

Paragon-Villeneuve Brake Technology is featured in all our Velocità rim brake wheels, offering better braking, especially in wet conditions, and is one of the premium features on all Paragon rim-brake wheels.

Our Villeneuve braking system is applied to all Paragon rim brake wheelsets, this increases the surface roughness of the brake track providing the rider with consistent and responsive braking. In order to improve this for the wettest of rides, we have introduced a moulded-in groove specifically designed for our Velocità TRR series. The grooves have been optimized to interact with leading edge of the brake pad and the four cooling channels of your paragon carbon brake pads. The leading edge of the pad and first two channels efficiently wipe water and debris outward, cleaning and drying the braking surface, while the second two cooling channels have maximum interference with the grooves allowing greater braking force than a smooth rim. The cleaning effects of the groove and pad interaction improve brake feel and consistency even in dry conditions.

The net result is equal braking force in wet conditions when compared to industry leading aluminium rims. The Paragon Villeneuve braking technology delivers greater stopping power in wet conditions than any smooth braking surface carbon wheel on the market today. 


The heart of any wheel hub. Investing in them makes huge sense. We use high-grade precision smooth-rolling sealed ceramic bearings. Designed to reduce rolling resistance whilst maintaining excellent sealing on the exposed faces. Our ParaTECH Ceramic hubs offer great ceramic performance. On Selected Models we also offer the industry leading DT Swiss hub range from the DT240 right to the chart topping DT180.

The free Hub

Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo we have got you covered. With built in durability in mind to provide excellent protection against cassette sprocket damage often seen on standard freehub bodies.


We chose the top-of-the-range Aero Pillar Spoke Re-enforcement PSR X-TRA models. These butted blade aero spokes are lighter and provide a greater degree of elasticity to maintain tensions longer and add fatigue resistance. PSR spokes feature the 2.2 width at the spoke head providing more material in this high stress area. The nipples come with a hex head so you can achieve precise tensioning. Hand Built by Olympic and National team wheel builder, we have tried to look at all the variables that go into building your wheelset, in our constant search to deliver the best product we can deliver.

Sapim Spokes


The consequence of our fanatical attention to detail is an industry leading and outstandingly light 1395gram wheelset weight, based on our 38mm rim brake wheelset, combine this with sub 1500g on our disc brake wheel wheelsets Gone are the days of weight gain on modern disc-brake road bikes. We fat shamed ourselves took a step back, evaluated and tackled the issues most concerning with the direction of the disc brake wheel movement and solved the problem. In choosing your paragon tubeless ready Disc-Brake wheel set, you now have the confidence of the latest braking technology without the added weight, and if rim brakes are still your thing you will have the latest lightweight shoes for your prized possession allowing you to climb faster, descend quicker and brake with confidence in all conditions.

Tyre Philosophy

At Paragon we enjoy the puncture resistance and grip benefits of tubeless on our every-day rides so we wanted to allow you the same option, but of course our tubeless-ready wheels are also designed to work perfectly with clincher tires and inner tubes