Matrix BT52 2-Way Rocker Plate

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The Paragon Matrix BT52 2-Way Rocker Plate has been designed by cyclists for cyclists. The Matrix BT52 takes indoor training from static to dynamic. The 2-way movement side to side rocking allows the bike and the body to move, reducing pressure and fatigue generally associated with static indoor training experience.

The Matrix BT52 increases rider comfort by allowing a range of motion that you do not get from static indoor training. If you have ridden a static indoor training setup, you will understand that it doesn’t feel natural and is not the most comfortable or engaging experience. Reducing such issues as back pain, knee pain and saddle fatigue, the 2-way motion of the Matrix BT52 allows your core to engage providing more stability while you rock the bike helping to reduce the stress on the body.

The Matrix BT52 rocker plate is CNC cut for a quality finish, with 5 rubber isolation mounts, 4 inflatable balls for increased stability, 3 velcros straps, non-slip steps with cushion feet to improve grip and sound dampening.

The Matrix BT52 is compatible with most current trainers, including the Kickr Climb.

The Matrix BT52 Rocker Plate will change your indoor training experience. Train smarter, not harder.

Available nationally in Australia, international customers, please contact us at

Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery as each Matrix BT52 is handbuilt.


Dimensions 1700mm (L) x 865mm (W) x 90mm (H)

Weight: 25.3kg