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Introducing the Paragon Matrix BT52 Rocker Plate

As the rocker revolution takes off two mates, one a product designer the other a graphic designer with a love of cycling and passion for Formula 1 drew inspiration for their rocker plate from the 1983 World Championship winning Brabham BT52. The BT52 was an elegant solution to a rule change implement 6 weeks before the 1983 season started. 

We took the top view of the BT52 with its angular sidepods and distinctive dart-shaped profile and turned it into our rocker plate – the Paragon Matrix BT52. 

Comfort by design

Indoor training has moved to the next level with Smart trainers connecting to apps like Zwift, making indoor training a smoother experience. As anyone who has ever sat on their trainer pounding the pedals can testify too, comfort was not considered when the turbo trainers were invented. Making indoor training for the average rider a pain in the arse. Rocker plates have changed that, bringing movement to a stationary indoor trainer. Rider comfort on a stationary trainer has been transformed by the rocker plate revolution.

Theres nothing stationary about cycling, riders are never sitting in one position, your bike is always moving beneath you as you sit in the peloton pounding out the K's, getting out of the saddle powering up the Stelvio Pass or sprinting for the finish line. Riding a stationary trainer for hours is not very appealing. The Rocker Plate allows the trainer and the bike to tilt from side to side, this non-rigid setup is designed to reduce rider fatigue by reducing the pressure on the pressure points associated with an indoor rigid setup. With less saddle stress from the rocking motion you can spend longer on your trainer.

The BT52 design

The top and bottom plates are CNC machined using moisture resistant pre-finished composite board to ensure structural stability and durability. With 5 elastomer pivot points the side to side motion is controlled by 5 inch inflatable rubber balls. The underside of the baseplate has rubber feet to reduce noise and ensure stability on any surface.


The top and bottom plates follow the dart like profile of the Brabham BT52. 


The prototype on the CNC machine.

The elastomer pivot points and inflatable balls. 

The 2-way Paragon Matrix BT52 is almost ready for production. In the pipeline is the BT52/B with 4-way movement is on the drawing boards along with our front wing styled device stand and support table. 

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