rideWELL with Paragon

Everyone deserves that second chance. To recover from illness, to be healthy and enjoy their life to the fullest. To get WELL; spend time with family, make a real difference and enrich someone’s life and for everyone to enjoy the ride. and rideWELL

Our Mission: Make a difference, give back.

But more importantly, to build a collective movement centred around our love of cycling, be a voice that champions the ones in need and together be a road to hope and WELLbeing.

Our History | Vision and Values

So what happens when two bike crazed friends get together and start dreaming of how to change their lives, Start a bike company off course! But for us, that soon evolved into something much bigger. We thought, how can we make a difference, doing something that we love… and soon it all became not just about the bike.

With our core values of getting fit, being active, getting people moving and enjoying the ride.

Our journey | How to help

rideWELL and Paragon Cycle Works is also an endeavour forged from the helplessness of not knowing what to do, not knowing how someone can help or how we can make a difference. Be it loved ones battling cancer, mental illnesses or depression and the helplessness that comes from not knowing what to do.

rideWELL was conceived with the intent of giving back through the creation of a multifaceted fundraising arm of our company with its core aims to help raise money for cancer research and much more.

To help the ones that are fighting now, so that others may not have to. To help with a variety of mental issues so prevalent in our society today. Not to mention depression and suicide prevention and another initiative close to our hearts; and the care of our returned servicemen and women through our Valor Program.

rideWELL aims to strategically raise money and channel its donating efforts across its chosen initiatives with a percentage of all Paragon sales being donated through rideWELL to our chosen charities.

But it will be inherently linked to the bike as a tool of well being and health so that all can rideWELL. Knowing that any purchase with Paragon will go towards making a difference.

rideWELL will organize charity events, develop a social ride calendar and promotional merchandise, and also develop the rideWELL cycling club, a hub where like-minded people can get together and work together towards achieving our collective goals. Our events team is already working tirelessly to bring together a string of events all aimed at getting out there, be active, healthy and rideWELL.

Whether it be on a ride or through a charitable act, we want all to be active, be healthy, enjoy the ride, and rideWELL.

So, follow us in our dream, get involved in our journey, your support will not go unnoticed.

In Memory:

"In memory of my gorgeous mother 2009 began her greatest battle and taught all of us along the way some invaluable lessons of strength, dignity and love. The news of cancer was a shock to us all, how could someone who had endured so much already, be burdened with such a thing? I remember the day we got the news, sitting with her in the doctor’s surgery, the only time that I saw her cry over what she was now confronted with. Her words at the time chocked me as they are doing now, she simply uttered to herself how can this be, am not a bad person… I held her in my arms consoling her as best I could unable to give her a reason or utter a response. Maaa I can assure you… a bad person you are not.

But only the strongest person I have ever known!"