recycl: A strategy to reduce longevity

When you decide to upgrade your Matrix BT52 Rocker Plate with our 4-Way kit your vibration mounts will be unwanted and probably end up in the trash. But what if we could rethink this linear lifecycle into a more sustainable circular one? With recycl, a different destiny is possible. It all comes down to circularity.

Making Circularity Second Nature

Today, this Produce-Use-Dispose lifecycle exists for most products and it’s having harmful effects on our planet. But circularity offers a better solution. One that designs out waste and keeps products in use.

It’s time to rethink how we consume and own products. Today, most products are designed within a linear lifecycle. That means one straight line to the trash. Make-Use-Dispose.

At Paragon Cycle Works it is our mission to inspire and empower people to move more through our passion for cycling. We also have a defined goal of reducing our effects on the planet that we live.

Environmental sustainability is by definition; “taking a resource and maintaining its use without causing permanent damage”. Simply put, a linear lifecycle is not sustainable. Circularity offers a more sustainable solution. One that designs out waste and keeps products in use. And we think a service like recycl can make circularity second nature. 

We love to take inspiration from nature and so does circularity. Natural systems are inherently cyclical. There’s no waste in nature when everything is nutrients for something else. When we can reuse, re-make and recycle products as part of an infinite cycle – we’re able to operate in harmony with Earth’s finite resources rather than simply delaying inevitable damage.

Ultimately, circularity asks manufacturers of goods to take more responsibility and think of a truly sustainable future. recycl is our first step in designing out waste and keeping materials in use for good. And we’re all about action.

Your next step

Help us reduce waste and recyl your vibration mounts,
it’s easy, simply send the vibration mounts to
Paragon Cycle Works
Parcel Locker CN 10033 43948
Kingsgrove New South Wales 2208
With your name and order number and we will send you an
E-giftcard valued at $25 to use on your next purchase.
It’s a small gesture that we hope will change the way we think about
the environment and what we can all do to help.